Made of solid 1/4″ aluminum, this Wesmat Luminary Sign was produced to sit on the all behind the reception desk in the office entry.  The aluminum components are cut to shape on a waterjet complete with spacers to be able to offset the top elements up off the surface.  The aluminum is then texturized by the artisan with a Luminary wave pattern deep into the surface of the sign elements.  The deep pattern catches light from different angles, seemingly shimmering as you walk by the sign where the light striking the surface reflects from different angles.  The cobalt blue colour is sprayed on so it is transparent showing the texturing through the colour which also catches the light.  The lettering was sprayed with a mica colour, having a faint sparkle in the charcoal colour without any texture creating contrast on the sign. The background is sprayed with a clear gloss to keep the aluminum from oxidizing.  We can make any size and configuration, colour etc.