General Information – Terms and Conditions

Artwork: All pricing in this catalogue is based on Kalvanna receiving  digital vectored artwork on disk, CD, zip or e-mail . We prefer Mac files in .EPS or .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format, as well as Quark Express, Freehand or Photoshop files. If sending P.C. files from Corel Draw,  please save all text to curves or outlines. P.C files can be used in a compressed zip file format, but the preferred file format is Macintosh. Please note that black and white paper proof art supplied with order may still require an  artwork charge.  In many cases, PMT’s, if not originally shot correctly, may require cleanup etc.  These services are chargeable.  See next page for full electronic instructions.

 Kalvanna has a full commercial art department ready to provide quality typesetting  and artwork for your order. Digital vectored art means high quality sharp high resolution copy  or drawing done on digital artwork program and supplied on above platforms. It is important to note that the finished quality is directly related to the clarity and accuracy of the original artwork. If you require a quotation for artwork services prior to commencement, please indicate this on your order. If not indicated, artwork will be provided for a  reasonable cost. Photocopies and fax copies are usually not acceptable as artwork for an order. Kalvanna reserves the right to determine ready to go artwork.

Artwork Budgeting:  We would suggest that a budget for artwork be set with your client that you allow approximately $35.00 for one colour artwork, and $35.00 for each additional colour.  If you require a quotation prior to artwork being generated, you must specify this on your order.  As we process several orders per day, we will not be  advising art charges unless we see that the artwork will exceed a budget figure that you have indicated as a maximum on your order. 

Positioning: When specific instructions regarding positioning size or layout are not provided, artwork will be set up and the order printed at the discretion of production staff. This must be deemed acceptable.

Proofs: A photocopy or fax of actual artwork will be available to be used in the approval of artwork. This approval process requires you to sign an approval form verifying the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the artwork. Kalvanna will not go ahead with any order that is not signed off on approval form. It is our policy to reapprove on repeat orders. Production time is determined from the time of signed approval. html website browser approval also available on process colour or multicolour designs, inquire with staff if needed.

 Additional artwork services available

Samples: Fired samples are based on minimum charges for less than quantity, plus the minimum piece unit price for each sample. A portion of these samples may be rebated.

Copy Change: When a copy change for one colour is required add 31.25 (G) per change based on minimum unit pieces. When a colour change is required add 31.25 (G), However, there is no limit to quantity.

Trademarks and Logos:  Any material, request or copy received by Kalvanna for an order by our company is accepted by Kalvanna as being submitted in full compliance with laws regarding copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, right of privacy or similar type protection. You and your client agree that by submitting such material or copy for our use in producing an order, these laws will not be violated. Kalvanna disclaims all liability for compliance with these laws. You and your client agree to hold Kalvanna harmless for any damages, lots and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said material or other copy.

Ceramic & Ironstone:  Due to the process used in processing ceramic and ironstone mugs, you may find slight imperfections in the surface of the glaze. Variances in the shape of the mug with a minimal tolerance must be considered acceptable. Firing the mug brings the surface to near a molten state. Small marks may be seen in the glaze and are considered  standard.  After firing, the odd blemish may show up.  Again, these are considered normal products of firing and would only be replaced if they are outside what is considered normal.  Perfection in the surface glaze and/or the imprint area should not be expected.

Multicolour Registration: When two or more colours are used in the decoration process, a variance of up to 1/32” may occur when colours are required to register (line up) with one another. This tolerance meets industry standards and must be considered acceptable.

Colour: The process used to achieve a dishwasher resistant finish requires us to heat treat glassware to near melting point. Because of the process, an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. Although we stock a large variety of colours, precious metal gold, platinum and etch enamels, exact shades such as pantone colours or PMS colours can only be used as a basic guide.  On many occasions we have taken several pantone charts and laid them out for viewing and almost always there is a variation in the shade.  Pantone charts will vary from machine run to machine run when they are produced, as well as age, storage and amount of use can alter the charts.  Therefore, pantone is only used as a guide.  When exact colour matches are required, a swatch must be supplied for reference so that we can determine what the customers standard is.  When exact colour matches are only acceptable, a surcharge of up to $200.00 may be charged as testing and repetitive firings may be needed to achieve the colour/shade that the customer is expecting.  A sample may be provided for review and to sign off on.  Even in situations on an exact repeat. using the exact same inks are used, there can be a variation in colour due to humidity and other factors at time of firing.  Much like dye lots in carpet, there are so many factors, it is impossible to guarantee exact matches and slight variations must be acceptable.

Iridescent & metalflake colours are charged out as standard colours. These colours are most effective when used on darker coloured backgrounds. On clear glass iridescent ink has the appearance of an etch with a tint of colour.

Gold & Platinum(Chrome finish):  These precious metals are much softer than the standard coloured enamels used in decorating. When these metals are used, the decorated ware is not intended to be in dishwashers. We recommend that you hand wash with mild detergent, any decorated ware, especially those bearing any gold or platinum imprint. These precious metal inks should not be used in microwaves. We have microwaveable gold by request.

Sand Blasting/Carving On Ceramic Items: When sandblasting through the ceramic glaze, it reveals the body of the ceramic referred to as bisque.  This material is very porous and can stain with coffee tea or other materials such as juices etc.  Although not common, washing in a dishwasher can create stains on the bisque that can be stubborn to remove. Most dishwashers will wash hot enough and use clean water throughout the process, but not all dishwashers will wash in this way.  Some older dishwashers wash at a lower temperature and may not rinse as well.   For this reason, we recommend that all ceramic product that has been sand blasted or sand carved, as with all decorated product, printed or otherwise. be hand washed in clean warm to hot water with mild detergent.  In the event that a stain has embedded in the bisque, soaking in a solution of bleach and water 50/50 overnight will, in most cases remove the staining.

Stock Continuity and Dye Lots: The process of manufacturing ware can vary from production lot to production lot.  Process conditions require setting up individual runs which can affect the size, and shape of a product.  Colours of glaze can vary from one lot to the next referred to as “Dye Lot”. Conditions vary throughout the year in humidity which can have an effect on the size of products and a change in humidity can cause ceramic glazes to become slightly darker or lighter.  To be able to offer a large selection of products, similar products may be purchased from different factories meaning that like products can vary in size, shape and colour.

Machine Blown Tumblers: In the production of machine blown glassware you may find a variance in the weight distribution of the base from piece to piece, this is not a defect. It is a manufacturing limitation. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with these tolerances when considering these products and make your customer aware that this is an industry standard. A certain amount of defects are expected in the glass as well, as these types of glass are not hand selected pieces or higher end crystal.  These imperfections vary from small bubbles, to small strings or lines in the glass, impressions and depressions, small bumps may be present on the rims. Glassware used for these processes are considered as promotional drink ware, therefore minor imperfections may be present and must be considered acceptable.

Specifications & Pricing: All specifications and pricing in this price list, and the colour catalogue are subject to clerical error, or change by the factory. Every effort will be made to inform you of changes as they occur or as your orders are being placed.

Customer Own Stock: When customer stock is used, Kalvanna accepts no responsibility as to the structure of the glass, effects, imperfections, irregular breakage, or in the quality of the end product as a result of the decorating procedure. Kalvanna Industries is also not responsible for concealed damages or breakage contained in glassware shipped to Kalvanna for decoration. Breakage claims should be filed with carriers. We are not responsible for shortages on product submitted for contract decorating.

Ordering: All orders should contain any and all information required, regarding type, size, layout preferred, positioning, quantity, shipping information, and any special instructions pertaining to the finished requirement. Kalvanna will not be held responsible for deficient information. Orders should be in case lots unless pre-approved by Kalvanna.

Production Time:  Subject to seasonal demands (usually 2-3 weeks). All production times are calculated from the point when we receive approval on layout of artwork and inventory has been confirmed. Kalvanna has the most diverse product line in the industry and stocks considerable quantities of most of the items listed, However production may be affected by demand and availability of product. As our terms are net 30 days, the production time on your order may be affected should your account become over due. Should your account reach 45 days, production may stop on your orders, however, should your account reach 60 days, all production will definitely stop and your account may be sent for collections and is subject to interest charges from the date that it came over due. Production will not commence until account is brought up to date and interest is paid. No exceptions. All disputes should be handled immediately as they occur. In the case of defective product, we will make every effort to provide replacement stock as fast as possible when the decision is made to replace product. At certain times of the year (pre-Christmas) production times should be confirmed with factory.

Problems & Misprints:  We reserve the right to dispose of misprinted or defective goods at our discretion. The customer has the first right of refusal. (may end up circulated).

Minimum Charge:  If your order is less than the minimum units, then use the minimum piece price for your item and add the set up charge shown on the page: Minimum charges are per colour or setup unless otherwise indicated. Minimum orders without set up charges are as indicated in the price list.

Shipping: All pricing is FOB Kalvanna Industries, Edmonton. All orders are shipped collect unless prior arrangements are made. P.O. box numbers are not acceptable as shipping points. Check with your customer service representative for prepay charge back rates on the shipping of your orders. There is no shipping company that will guarantee  breakage of glass and ceramics during the shipping process , but Kalvanna takes every care in packing the ware when it is being shipped out of town and uses the best shippers in the business to get your product in one piece to your customer.

Over / Under Shipment:  Although every effort is made to produce your order in the quantities you require, a shipment either over or under by 10% must be accepted as a complete order. If you require a minimum number, then you must specify, but must be willing to accept up to 10% over. If you indicated no overruns on your order, you must be willing to accept up to 10% less. These variances rarely occur.

Complaints:  Complaints other than those involving the carriers must be received by our office within 15 days  after receipt of shipment. Orders sent back without prior authorization being received from our office may  be re-routed back or may be received,  billed back and returned to you by your carrier at your expense. 

Dishwasher Resistance :  We offer three types of imaging on glassware and ceramics:

The most durable of these three options is the sand carving version as it is a literal carving into the face of the glass and creates a permanent mark. This carving produces a tactile feel and has an engraved look with very high perceived value.

The “Lehr” fired version of printing uses a process that brings the glass to near the melting point which fuses the ground glass (frit) elements to the surface of the glass creating a top  level resistance that will withstand multiple dishwashings.  The “Lehr” fired process is typically used in commercial environments where top level durability is required, however, this process is not warranted indefinitely.  The use of Chlorine sanitizers or high alkaline dishwashing detergents in a low temperature dishwasher can cause long term damage, not only to the print, but to the surface of the glass.  Typical usage is 5-6 cycles per day in which the piece may be subject to approximately 400 dishwashings in 120 days.  Beyond 120 days of commercial use, any warrantee is at the discretion of Kalvanna.

The third type of decorating is the “E-2” process.  This process uses a 2 component enamel that is baked to create a surface similar to the paint on your car.  This process is typically used in promotional products where normal use should see reasonable resistance in the dishwasher, however, to maintain the best performance, all glassware should be hand washed in warm soapy water and thoroughly rinsed.  The “E-2” process will scratch if subjected to abrasion much like the auto body paint on your car.  Care in use should be taken not to rub two pieces of glassware together during typical handling.  The “E-2” process is intended for promotional purposes and is therefore not warranted for durability or dishwasher resistance however, if handled properly, E-2 imaging will last for a long time.  (note:  in a field test, using standard usage and handling, E-2 was tested to more than 150 dishwashings with no sign of breakdown or degradation and looked as good as it did at the beginning of the test. )    However, although this process may stand up to dishwashing, as a result of recent changes in the marketplace where new citric based material is being added to dishwashing detergents, we can no longer warrantee E-2 for permanence. These citrus based products contain acid which will effect the long term performance of the print.  This product is intended for promotional purposes with use in domestic applications and should not be used in a commercial environment.   In order to keep the lasting beauty of this product, it should only be hand washed.   Where higher durability and performance is required, please refer to the lehr fired product.

Other items, such as stainless steel mugs, plastic bottles and drinking vessels are not warranted for dishwasher resistance, as none of these items should be placed in the dishwasher.  For the most permanent logo on stainless steel drinkware use laser imaging or photo blasting to decorate.  Any typical printing method, although very durable, and will likely last a long time during normal use however is not warranted.

Special Instructions: It is important that any special instructions be clearly outlined on your order. If specific requirements are not indicated (size, positioning, layout), then our best judgement will be used and accepted.

Order Cancellation:  Any charges relating to an order being cancelled after production has commenced will be billed to the point that the order was cancelled. 

Thermal Shock:  Glassware must be allowed to reach room temperature prior to use. Pouring a hot drink into a cold glass / mug could result in thermal shock.  Kalvanna can not accept responsibility for this happening.

Rush Charges:  If our standard delivery is not acceptable at the time of order placement, ask our customer service department about rush service on your order, They will make you aware of any rush service charges at that time, in order to meet your special event date required. 

Kalvanna Catalogue:  Products, trademarks, logos, etc. used in this catalogue appear for illustration purposes only to indicate our ability to print on the various products. They are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by Kalvanna Industries or that they can be used in any form without the express written consent from the various rights holders. These items illustrated are not available for sale without authorization of the rights holders.

Terms:  Kalvanna offers a variety of terms options to enhance your sales. New customers shall be on a C.O.D only basis for the first few orders until an order  frequency has been established. New accounts are required to forward a 50% deposit on the first few orders. We will inform you when this is no longer a requirement. We will only set up accounts for customers that continue to purchase at least one order in every 3 month period. At such time we will process a credit application. This account will be maintained under the same guidelines. Should an account request re-establishment of their account after an absence of 3 months, we will rerun a credit test, however may directly affect your production time. New accounts are not eligible for enhancement discounts until approved by Kalvanna.

A light but Important Note:  These policies are not new for us, however, It has become necessary  for us to enforce these policies in order to better serve you as a customer. We are not in the business to finance your business and the cost  of this financing only ends up where it shouldn’t, in the price list. I think we all agree that many should not pay  for the misleadings of a few. Below, we offer the penalties of being an over due account but on a more positive note. We also offer the enhancement discounts to those of you that would like to take advantage of them.  Any  “credit type account” that becomes overdue is subject to a 2% overdue penalty / interest charge which is due and payable based on standard terms. Should your account reach 45 days, production may be halted until account is brought up to date. Should your account reach 60 days, your account privileges will be suspended for a period not less than 3 months, all current production will be halted, and your account will be required to be paid in full prior to any further business being done. Should your account hit 60 days more than twice, you may be faced with permanent C.O.D. purchasing and deposits may be required. If your account is suspended under any of these circumstances, you will not qualify for enhancements discounts.

Enhancements discounts are as follows (all are subject to conditions above).

– 3% Prepayment (except payments by credit card).

  2% for cash on delivery.

– net 30 days for accounts with approved credit.

All pricing on this page does not include any taxes (ie: G.S.T).

Electronic Instructions for Sending Artwork and / or Orders Via Email or Disk

Artwork Budgets:  in many ways the electronic age has vastly improved the way that we all move information.  You would think that as a result of technology, that the cost of artwork should be reduced to zero.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  With pressure being put on suppliers to reduce the cost of the products being produced, a lot of the budgets that were  originally included in the cost of these products have now been broken out and have created a more of an al’a carte  type  scenario.  Therefore as of April 30th 2002, our basic art  budget to shoot films, prepress etc. has been removed from our products and will be billed separately.  As in the past, when we stated “no charge based on camera ready artwork”, this is still the case if we are not actually doing anything with your artwork provided as a digital file. However, charges for scanning  camera ready artwork, and front end film work are now being put on the invoice separately.  An amount up to $35.00 (g)  per colour may be charged and must be deemed acceptable. If the amounts exceed this figure, we will advise in advance. If you require an actual quote for artwork prior to the commencement, clearly indicate this on your order, or the above charges may apply.

 Artwork : 

All artwork files should be compiled and contain all necessary fonts, images and files pertaining to the artwork.  In many  graphics programs there is  commonly found a feature referred to as “collect for output” .  This feature stores all of the pertinent files into a folder that can easily be emailed as an attachment and will contain everything that is needed for the file.

In Macromedia  Freehand:  Not Available for access.  Please export files as PDF or AI files

In Adobe Illustrator:  under file menu select “save as” and save as a standard illustrator file (.AI)  You need to convert the fonts to curves or outlines as this allows us to open the files without any issues regarding fonts.  When you do this, the fonts effectively become a graphic instead of being a letter or number. Do this by selecting: Create outlines found under the type menu usually at the bottom of that menu.

In Corel Draw:  Export as .ai file and create fonts to outlines or curves.    This can be done by selecting  file – save as and selecting the format menu where you will find Adobe Illustrator.You need to convert the fonts to curves or outlines as this allows us to open the files without any issues regarding fonts.  When you do this, the fonts effectively become a graphic instead of being a letter or number. Do this by selecting:

Convert to curves found in the “arrange menu.” When possible, “export” Corel files as “.AI” files.

Other Applications:  most programs have an export feature or a save as feature that will allow you to save the file as an EPS or Tiff file.  When doing this, always select mac compatible or mac format when possible..  Other programs acceptable include but are not limited to : Quark Express, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw.  and many other applications. Please avoid Powerpoint and Word Processor type documents.  Microsoft Publisher files are “not acceptable” as the imbedded images are not of a usable resolution and quite often cannot even be opened.    

Our preference is Macintosh compatible files, however, if the above steps are taken, most PC format files are acceptable.

Specs:  bleeds on flat applications ie. magnets  minimum 1/16 “.

Resolution for supplied pictures minimum 300 dpi and on line work 600 dpi.  We recommended that the image be twice as large as the intended print.  We will reduce it to size. Fonts must be included, or convert to outline or curves, see above.

Pantone numbers must be supplied , however are only used as a guide. if absolute/exact pantone is required, a hard copy of your graphic showing this colour must be provided as even pantone charts vary from one to the next.  These charts are only guides and when special calibration and mixing is required to meet your colour, this may be subject to a charge.

Providing Files: files may be supplied via the internet, CD-rom , zip disk(100), 3-1/2” floppy disk or DVD.

To Email:  open browser and select your email program.  After you have saved all pertinent information into a folder, drag folder to the attachments section of your emailer. Email to  If your files are large, it is recommended that you stuff the files creating a self extracting archive or create a zipped file.  Our server will handle most any size of graphic, however, your service provider may not be able to forward a large file.  If you have difficulty in sending files, contact us via email at including a phone number and we can set up an upload site for your very large files.

Disks, files, hard copy, cd-roms, or zip disks are only returned when clearly indicated on your order.  Charges for the return or such items will be at the distributors expense. All films, masks, make readys, dies, plates, screens, jigs, holders, and other production requirements remain property of the Kalvanna Line and are not subject to return or refund.  These items may be used on reorders.

Generally most website graphics are not usually acceptable as artwork as the resolution for this type of graphic is often very low.  Graphics supplied in low resolution may be subject to an art charge.  In addition, artwork supplied on a business card, letterhead or photocopy, is generally not of a quality suitable for printing.  If clean up or redrawing is required, an art charge of up to $35.00 per colour must be deemed acceptable unless specific instructions regarding artwork are included on your order.  In instances where artwork will exceed $ 35.00 per colour, a quotation will be provided prior to artwork commencing.

Any further questions regarding artwork may be forwarded via fax to (780) 452-2882  

attention art department, or by email to

Box/Packaging Options:


Most items in various dimensions which will be sized to fit products are $0.99 (c). Tissue wrapping (white) for these items add $0.50 (c).

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping can be applied to several different applications. From wrapping to attach an item to a backing card, to group wrapping, or shrink wrap a box to create security and a finished look that will keep the packaging clean. Maximum size is 12” x 18” x 8” (for larger items please inquire.)

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is done on a contact basis only and is charged out based on the complexity of the wrapping. We can add bows and ribbons, stretch ties, silk flowers and so on. Submit your request for evaluation. General wrapping based on customer supplied paper (no bows or ribbons etc.) $0.95 (g), up to 250 units. Note: quotation on larger orders. Kalvanna supplied paper by quotation. Customer printed giftwrap by quotation.

Candy Loading

We package only pre-wrapped candy or non bulk prewrapped food items. We will also package parts pieces etc. We can package   by weight, count, or general fill. By quotation only.

Specialty and Custom Designed Packaging

We have manufactured custom built wooden boxes, heavy wall cardboard, retail full colour packaging, clear view lids, packaging with velvet or cloth liners, custom bags with straw fill, fiber fill, styro, shred fill etc. Please forward your design request for full evaluation