The square shape of the Sterling DOF adds an element that creates attention. It sets up a lot of possibilities for placing your message either on the side or sides, or consider placing the image on the base. As the image cascades up the the thickness of the base, you get an almost three dimensional look to the graphic. Printing on the base, instead of the side is no extra charge. If adding the base as an additional print, add the appropriate number of colours.

A uniquely square old fashioned glass

The unique square shape makes this Sterling Double Old Fashioned glass a standout in the cupboard and on the table. This glass finishes nicely with a custom printed logo on one of the square faces. The Sterling Double Old Fashioned looks incredible with a bottom print or deep etch sand carving.  This is one of our most popular glasses as it makes a perfect gift being that this glass will be used as a daily drinker. As a set of two or four glasses, this is a gift that will be appreciated by all who receive it.

Product Code: 76495   Ht:3-5/16″   Dia: 3-3/16″   Wt: 24lbs    Cs: 36
Size: 10oz.   Imprint Size: 1-3/4″  X  1-1/2″
Imprint Size at the bottom: 1-1/2″  X  1-1/2″


Quantity 72 144 576 1008+
One Colour $9.99 $9.69 $9.49 $8.99
Add Colour $1.69 $1.59 $1.49 $1.39
Bottom Print N/A
This form of printing utilizes a frit fired ceramic type enamel that is kiln fired to provide maximum dishwasher resistance.
Setup Charges for Lehr Fired Printing is $80.00(g) per colour
When Ordering less than minimum, a $40.00 less than minimum surcharge per colour will apply.
Repeat Setup charges within 12 months reduce to $40.00(g)per colour


Quantity 24 48 96 240 480+
One Colour $13.99 $13.79 $13.59 $13.29 $12.99
Add Location $6.75 $6.50 $6.25 $6.00 $5.75
Bottom Print $6.75 $6.50 $6.25 $6.00 $5.75
Colour Fill $3.75 $3.50 $3.25 $3.00 $2.75
This form of printing actually carves into the surface of the glass producing a deep etch that is permanent.  It is possible to sand carve on the bottom of this mug as well and would be treated as an additional location if it was in addition to side decorating.
Setup Charges for Lehr Fired Printing is $80.00(g) per location
When Ordering less than minimum, a $40.00 less than minimum surcharge per colour will apply.
Repeat Setup charges within 12 months reduce to $40.00(g)per location


Packaging is available for boxes of 1, 2, 4, 6,8’s.  Or can be customized based on your need. The boxes are produced of a nice jet black e-flute cardboard yielding a nice clean gift type box and includes liners to separate the product when required.  Boxes come standard with a stab style lock to hold the lid closed.  Boxes can be enhanced with printing, or with an appliqué to contain the logo and/or information for special events or a simple thank you to your customer.
Box for 1 unit:                     3-3/4″ X 3-3/4 X 4-1/4″  –   $  3.29 (e)
Box to hold 2 units:          7-1/4″ X 3-3/4″ X 4-1/4″  –   $  4.29 (e)
Box to hold 4 units:         7-1/4″ X 7-1/4″ X 4-1/4″  –   $  5.29 (e)
For information on other configurations, and on printing or appliqués, please forward you request to:


Machine dishwashing should be avoided with any printed product to maintain its lasting beauty. Although our product is somewhat dishwasher resistant, a lot has gone on in the industry over the past year or two. A number of the companies that produce dishwasher detergents are adding a product called citric acid. In some cases, the concentrations of this type of acid are very high, and problems have begun to surface throughout the industry.

Every company is affected

These issues are not exclusive to us, as all decorators have been working toward different strategies to combat the problem. The citric acid and alkaline in the detergents sit on the glass and ceramic, and over time, begin to attack the surfaces. This does not just affect any printing, as it slowly breaks down the glass or ceramic body’s surface. Over time, the glass surfaces will start to look pitted or foggy, but what is actually happening is that the acids and alkali are softening the surface and then an actual tiny piece of the surface breaks away. Over time the entire surface begins to look very scratched and/or cloudy.

Can affect all production types

The same thing has begun to happen with the Lehr fired prints, and over time can break down the surface and begin to wash away. Ironically our E-2 printing, which is the cheaper version, is less affected by this phenomenon. However, E-2 is a baked enamel method similar to the auto body paint on your car, so it is less scratch-resistant. In commercial dishwashers, the chemicals used are different, and we rarely see this issue.
Although Lehr firing is still the more durable, we usually recommend its use in commercial settings, in domestic locations, where promotional glassware tends to be, we recommend going with the “E-2” product. These combinations appear to be the best scenarios for the current market. In some cases where it is necessary to use transfers, Lehr firing is the only option.
Again, the issues noted above are rare but do exist, so we would always encourage hand washing where possible. As a result of these recent changes in the industry, we, unfortunately, do not offer a warranty on dishwasher resistance on our products.

One last note.

Due to the construction of ALL stainless steel type tumblers and cups, they should always be hand washed and should not be put in the dishwasher.