Falcon Resin Award

Product Code: Star Gazer Resin Award
 Standard size 5″ tall.
Color:  Product plates can be colourized to fit your requirements.

Quantity 1 2-6 7-24 25-100 101+
5″ Tall $29.95 $27.95 $26.95 $24.95 $23.95

Stock awards include personalization if ordered at the same time as the award is originally built. No product bearing a specific logo on this website is actually for sale, and items displayed may be fictitious, or may have been from orders completed in the past. Items shown are for demonstration purposes only.

 Basic customization of the design is part of the standard setup charges.  For extensive design changes please forward you request for a quotation.  

 Standard first time setup charge is  $50.00(g) 

 Repeat Setup charges within 12 months reduce to $30.00(g)per colour

 When additional colour glaze is required on the base or on any additional components added, please add the price for additional glaze to the price of the award. Although the award shown here is a standard design, it can be altered to suit your colour and size requirement. The sizes shown are standard, however, we can also adjust the size to work for your specific requirement as well. A texture pattern can be added to the colours which will add depth and detail.

The Falcon Resin Award has a  heavy solid feel.  It is produced out of high density resins creating a simulated cast gold metal  This allows for more consistency in the product which great look and character.  This award can be decorated with a custom Omnicolour plate that can be gold background, silver background or white background.  We apply up to a full colour image onto the plate and it is attached to the base.  When white is used, we can actually image pretty much any colour to make the piece unique to your event. The Falcon Resin Award is a great inexpensive piece for beautiful awards.




Everything that we do in awards is custom.  Start with an idea, and our team of artisans will design and build an award to suit your specific requirement.  Although these prices are for this particular award, any similar award, based on this size and approximate build would be similarly priced.  At the Kalvanna Line, custom pieces are our standard.