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A broader selection has been added to our stainless steel line.  Click on the badge to the right to access the full polar camel line.  Much of this line is ordered on demand, but delivery times are usually 2-3 weeks.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some of the current pricing.  For items not displayed, please contact us for pricing.

Immediately below,  see products available from the other items in our lineup.


PC Ringneck 10oz.

PC Ringneck 20oz.

PC Ringneck 30oz.

PC Pint 16oz.

PC Stemless Wine Tumbler 12oz.

PC Stemless Wine Tumbler 16oz.

PC Coffee Mug 15oz.

PC Travel Mug 20oz.

PC Water Bottle 20oz.

PC Water Bottle 32oz.

PC Water Bottle 40oz.

PC Leatherette 20oz.

PC Pilsner 14oz.

PC Pilsner 20oz.