Round Leatherette Coasters

Eleven Colours

Product Code: GFT-***
 Standard size 4″ X 4″ .
Color:  Available in 11 colours  –  Black/gold, Rawhide, Grey, Teal, Marbled Brown, Black/Silver, Pink, Blue, Rose, Tan, Dark Brown

Deluxe Stitched Leatherette Round Coaster

Quantity 48 96 144 288 576+
Laser imaging $7.95 $7.75 $7.50 $7.25 $6.95
1 Colour Printing $6.95 $6.75 $6.50 $6.25 $5.95
UV imaging $7.95 $7.75 $7.50 $7.25 $6.95

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 Setup charge is  $70.00(g) For Printing and $50.00(g) for Laser or UV Imaging

 Repeat Setup charges within 12 months reduce to $35.00(g)

These deluxe leatherette coasters are available in eleven different colours.  The coasters can accept a fine detail laser design or a heavy patch design.  these coasters are available as individual pieces or in sets and are either round or square.  most colours laser leaving a grey colour, however the black coasters are available with a gold colour core as well.

Eleven Colours

Available in sets

Three Imaging Options

Available in eleven colours with three different imaging options