Let’s not sit on our hands as we come out of this. All of Canada is effected and now, more than ever, we need to dig deep and look at the regions that we are in and figure out how we can support each other.  For years, we may have looked at the cheapest source for almost everything that we do, but generally, there are always reasons why prices vary and most often, when we look at the end cost, it is often very close when the cost is for the same product and usually justifiable when there are differences.  There is always a reason.  Please dig deep and look hard at the sources that you use for product , and even if you don’t deal with “the Kalvanna Line”, please support as close to home as possible.  We are all relying on each other to get through this, but the “Post Covid-19 Response” requires us all to support each other, working with your neighbours and colleagues , keeping the business as close to home as possible.  Without all of our small business’,  there is no future to this industry or any other.

Why not use this time to plan for a restart.  Companies are going to need a way to start up again, and get noticed.  Promotional items can be adjusted and tailored to respect what has happened and to celebrate the survival. Pieces that reflect on the pandemic, show respect, and acknowledge the future can go a long way to bringing the message and to drawing attention to the products and services available as we come out of the pandemic.

Please feel free to contact us for ideas on how our products and services can help to put items forward to your clients, be it our catalog of items, or our services to detail/your logo and message on your own items.