Glass Scona Wall Sign

Size:  48 inches tall

This beautiful glass wall sign was designed to be featured in a prominent location in the reception area of the main offices.  The sign is produced of 1/2″ thick plate glass and is back sand carved and colour filled with the logo in the school colours.  The edges are glazed with a gold colour and then overgrazed to prevent transfer of the gold during cleaning etc.  The shape of the shield was designed to match existing school logo applications.  The stand off posts are top quality aluminum and mount directly and are anchored to the wall, and then the sign applied to the posts.  The sign can be removed easily by unscrewing the posts to get at the wall behind for future painting or simple cleaning.

A sign like this can be any shape or size and can utilize similar production techniques.  In many cases, signs can be tempered for high traffic areas, or areas of potential hazard.  All graphics and colour applications are applied to the back surface of the glass to make the front surface easy to clean.

Signs like this look beautiful in reception areas, boardrooms and offices.  Send your request for quotation.