Custom Sized

Box & Liner

This is the type of box that you would want to use to present your product to the customer without breaking the bank.  This is a great mid range box with a liner made of the same material.  From here, you can step up to foam and satiline liner if you like, but this version makes a great presentation all on it’s own.  We can take any product that you want to work with, even if it’s not our own product, whether it be a blanket, mugs from another manufacturer, a competitions product or any combination of products.  Our custom CNC box making machine can do any size of box that our material will allow.  Our standard material is a beautiful solid black corrugated board referred to as “e-flute”.  This material has tiny flutes that are less than half the size of most conventional cardboard boxes making the look and feel more like a gift box, but having stability for the product inside.  We can cut custom liners with insert shapes to hold the product set up in a presentation appearance, and to keep the product safe. Embellish the box with a print, or a full colour appliqué.  We can even gift wrap the box and add ribbon if required.

Contact us with your products, or required size for a quotation.