Everyone uses a cutting board.  We custom manufacture bamboo and hardwood cutting boards.  These boards can be any size and any shape and can feature custom laser imaging or custom carving to display a logo or message. These boards are manufactured from scratch right here in out factory so every board has  personal hands on attention making the quality far superior to the stock overseas boards.  Contact us with your request and we will create a quote for your requirement.

These cutting boards shown are all bamboo 3/4″ thick.  The bamboo is multi layered creating stability and durability keeping the cutting board from cracking and separating.  The pictures shown here are of laser imaging which can create a beautiful highly detailed design.  We can machine drip/gravy lines around the perimeter as well as design, like chain, leaves, vines etc.  These are totally custom, so design it your way.  Create a truck shape, helicopter, house, or any geometric shape.  Pricing varies based in the complexity or the design/size etc.  A typical custom piece that is approximately 14″ X 10″ (140 square inches) would be in the 70-80$ (c) zone.  A piece that is in the 64 square inch range would be  approximately 50-60$(c) range.  For an accurate quote please submit your request for evaluation.