Clearance Stock Page 2

The items shown below are first come first serve. Review and email the page that you are interested in for verification.  


Swirl Jar

Anchor Emma Jar

Libbeys Jar Lid

Anglo-Canadian Jar

Libbeys Jar Lid

Libbeys Small Lid

Small Rectangle Plate

Square Small Plate

Rectangle Glass Plate

Big Glass Plate

Big Glass Plate

10in Black Glass Plate

12.5in Black Glass Plate

12.5in Glass Plate

18in Glass Plate

18in Glass Plate

DOF Whiskey Glass

7.5in Glass Plate

7.75in Glass Plate

7.75in Glass Plate

7.75in Glass Plate


1oz Plastic Shot

7oz Red Cup

Colonial Jar

County Fair Jar

Libbeys Storage Jar

Nordic Frosted Mug

Frosted Mixing Glass

Frosted Super Mug

20.75oz Cervoise Glass

Whiskey Glass

12in Service Plate

Black Menu Board

5×6 Bubble Base

5×7 Bubble Base

Small AB Shape Base/Plaque

Large AB Shape Base/Plaque

Large Recycling Bag