Branding on Gloves

Product Code: Branding on Gloves
Standard sizes:
Sizes will vary based on glove type and design.  A typical maximum area is 2-1/2″ wide X 1-1-2″ tall.

Standard location:  on the back of the hand or in the cuff area.

Note:  leather varies a lot in colour, weight, thickness, and even within the same shipment of gloves there can be different dyes used, different coatings and finishes.  Because leather is a natural product, no two gloves are alike. This can cause a large variation in the finished brand.  Some of the chemical coatings/waterproofing compounds can turn a greenish brown, and the density of the burn can vary from light to dark even on the same pair of gloves.  In these instances, we will brand a second time to balance out the colour as best as possible or swap lefts and rights of the same size and type to create the best “Pairs”.  These variances are considered standard with this type of service and must be deemed acceptable.  An alternative to branding on gloves is to laser them when finer detail is required.

Branding process only (does not include gloves)

Quantity 24pair 48pair 96pair 192pair 288pair+
1 location $6.00 $5.50 $5.25 $5.00 Quote

 First time custom Branding Die Charge $140.00 (g).  This is a special proprietary Die that is designed for this equipment only and can not be used on other equipment.  Because of the design type, these dies are often created with multiple images to maintain a cost effective solution, and therefore, the die itself remains as property of the Kalvanna Line.  The purchase creates access rights to the end user(owner of the logo or trademark) via any dealer for future orders.  

 Basic customization of the design is part of the standard setup charges.  For extensive design changes please forward you request for a quotation.  

 Standard first time setup charge is  $50.00(g) 

 Repeat Setup charges within 12 months reduce to $30.00(g)per colour

Custom Branding can be used to image a logo or message onto natural leather gloves. Branding offers a rustic look and feel and a permanent image onto the back of the glove in the hand area, or on the cuff.  This process works best with medium density designs, as larger area designs can dry out the gloves out.  In the instance of larger density designs, we back off the heat a bit and cracking in the branded area may happen.  The cracking usually does not effect the performance of the glove and in some cases is even desired for a more rustic look.  For finer detail, please refer to Lasering on Gloves.  When ordering branding on gloves, please note that the intention is to make the image look like it was done on the open range with a branding iron.  Although the image looks great, and rustic looking the stretch of the glove, and manipulation of the image occurs through wearing the glove, as well as gloves vary so much in material, variations can occur.   If a perfect image is expected, you should not be ordering this service.