Black Gift Boxes

Step By Step

Custom Packaging in cardboard

Start by placing the box flat on the table

Pull open the box and turn it upside down on the table.  This is easier if the box lid is over the edge of the table,  Fold down the “U” shaped bottom flap first

Fold down the two side bottom flaps


Do not bend the tongue on the last flap.  Align the tongue with the “U” shaped opening and gently push down so that all of the flaps push downward into the box until the tongue drops into the “U” shape center.  Do not bend or force the tongue,  Once inserted, the bottom will spring back up.

Turn the box over and push down on the inside bottom of the box to set the base

Place product in the box and fold down the two side flaps.

Fold down the lid so that the lock pushes through the lid opening.  This will clear the debris, and make it easier to insert the lock

Fold the lid tongue and insert into box

Fold the lock back toward you and fold the center of the lock toward the lid.

Push into the lid lock opening at a slight upward angle

The lock will slip into the opening and keep the lid from springing up.

Custom Packaging in cardboard