For forty years, the Kalvanna Line has been developing a broad based product line that spans across many applications.  From a glassware selection boosting one of the largest lineups in the industry, to awards, signage, giftware, and countless other items, the products and services are too numerous to display.   

Our custom awards are exactly that  –  Custom!.  However, the pricing is more in line with standard awards.  Our selection of awards is designed to help spark your imagination and by sending us an idea of what you are after, along with a budget, and perhaps one of our featured awards as a guideline, we will create a specific award for your requirement.  Other manufacturers charge hundreds, and sometimes over a thousand dollars to create a custom award design for you.  Our services are similar in cost to a standard setup charge.

Our custom printed glassware is available with three standard printing techniques.  Our E-2 process is for the most budget conscious and boasts some of the most durable imaging for comparable printing techniques in the industry.  E-2 is a baked enamel that has a high acid resistance, great scratch resistance and is usually the right choice for most promotional applications.  Our Lehr fired product is available for more of a commercial application were the best dishwasher resistance may be required for heavy use environments.  Or step up to deep etch carving or photo blasting.  This method creates a tactile feel and has a high perceived value.