36″ Custom Award

The 36″ Custom Award is produced using wood glass and aluminum substrates.  The top glass plate is a heavy 15mm thick glass that is imaged on the back face and colourized with two colours gold and stainless steel glaze.  The front face is sand carved with deep lettering and then colour filled.  The upright arms are made of layered wood material custom profiled to shape on our CNC router then sanded to a smooth contour, sealed and then glazed with a solid black matte glaze.  The face of the pillars are wrapped with aluminum plate that has been imaged to look like a snakeskin.  The centre glass panels are made of 12mm glass that has been frosted and inset into the upright pillars.  This design sits on top of a heavy double laminated wood base that has been glazed with a stainless steel finish.  This is a very large and quite heavy award weighing approximately 35 pounds.  This award can be made in a variety of sizes and can be colourized to work with your requirement.